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What is a Wiki?

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A wiki is a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it.

For this Wiki it means: Every page has a button in the top left of the page reading “Edit this page”. After a click on the button a input field is presented where the page may be edited according to the syntax.

About this Wiki

Emerging from the Committee Reader by Helge Gritzke (from 1997) this Wiki was at first only intended to provide an online platform where the committees of the student body, the university and the Studentenwerk are described. The Wiki started to evolve further and now also holds general informations for Students and the student body.

Right now, every logged in user may change the general pages. Some special pages for internal discussion are only open to the respective committee members (see also rechtevergabe).

How to use this Wiki

When you want to write something into the Wiki, you should at first have a look, on which page your contribution may fit best. If you don't find a fitting page, you can create a new page. If you never worked with a Wiki, you should have a look at the quickstart. To see, how tables, lists and other elements work, hava a look at the syntax short reference or at the long syntax help.


Tags can be used to categorize pages according to similar keywords. A click on the Tag lists all pages carrying this tag. It is possible to use several tags per page.

Tags can be included as following at the end of a page (this example comes from the home page of this Wiki):

{{tag>studenten termine allgemeines english}}

For pages in english the tag “english” should be used!

An overview of the currently used tags can be found under:

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